Anti Aging, Facelift Massage

Anti Aging Done Right – What Is Facelift Massage?

FLM-txpicYou may have never heard of it, but one treatment and you’ll be hooked on Facelift Massage. Imagine an all natural way to attaining a younger, smoother, and healthier looking skin at any age. Facelift Massage decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tones the facial muscles and unblocks that stuck facial tissue known as frown lines. The benefits don’t stop there.

Facelift Massage has health benefits beyond younger looking skin. A look at the components of an actual treatment, explains why it’s quickly becoming our most popular massage.

Ten Benefits of Facelift Massage

Results you can see and feel include:

Facial Benefits

1) Decrease in bags under the eyes

2) Firmer cheeks and jaw line

3) Neck appears smoother

4) Naso-labial folds soften

5) Smoother skin and improved skin tone

Full Body Benefits

6) Improved circulation & oxygenation improves overall health

7) Improved lymphatic circulation prevents water retention and improved immune function

8) Increased Relaxation reduces cortisol, helps stabilize blood sugar, and improves just about every physiological function.

9)Enhances the nerve system. Takes a load off the nerve system so you respond best to stress.

10) In many instances, ALL of the above contribute to general pain relief.

Components of Facelift Massage

Facelift Massage begins at the feet and hands with specific massage techniques that improve vascular and lymphatic circulation. Hot and cold towels and the use of hot stones create a vascular gymnastics which set the tone for the treatment before any point is touched on the face. The hands and feet contain many reflex points that correspond to the entire body including internal organs.

On the face, a variety of facial massage techniques are combined with botanical based products( including honey) designed to increase circulation and bring increased oxygenation to the facial tissues. The specific strokes release facial tissues, smoothing out frown lines, toning sagging tissue and eliminating stress patterns. Improving lymph flow decreases facial fluid retention decreasing puffiness under the eyes. Contributing to the experience, is an “aromatherapy tent” created with essential oils designed to induce relaxation and improve circulation.

Stress reduction and relaxation are major components of the treatment and a final scalp massage brings the delightful experience to a conclusion. Everyone goes home with their choice of dark chocolate.

Facelift Massage; Experience It Today!

There aren’t may places that offer this specialized Facelift Massage Treatment, much less the full body approach described herein. To learn why this is rapidly becoming everyone’s favorite massage and schedule an appointment, PLEASE CALL: 305-501-4544. Make sure to visit us at and follow us on facebook at: