What is Myospinal Release!


What Is Myospinal Release?

Myospinal Release (MSR), as the name implies, (myo = muscles, spinal=spine) is a corrective and preventive health promoting, hands on modality that focuses on releasing muscle spasm along the spine including the suboccipital muscles (muscles at the base of the cranium).

The body’s over 700 muscles make up 2/3 of its’ mass. Many of the largest, strongest muscles attach to the spine.  Their purpose is to protect the brain and spinal cord which make up the nerve system. Based on the premise that the nerve and endocrine (hormonal) systems control every function in the body, MSR aims to release the muscle spasm that can create interference in the functioning of these vital systems.

Everyone has a certain degree of muscle spasm along the spine and suboccipital muscles.  Carrying continuous and excess tension in these muscles interferes with circulation, limiting oxygen/nutrients to the tissues, increasing lactic acid (waste by product of spasm) and interrupting nerve transmission.  If the muscle spasm along the spine pulls the vertebrae out of place and/or limits its’ range of motion it could interfere with the nerve transmission to respective organs. This could affect the functioning of the organs not receiving the full message from the brain.

Consequently, physical symptoms ranging from musculoskeletal pain, to hormonal imbalances to digestive disorders could result.  Myospinal Release uses gentle, non-invaisve instrumentation and hands-on techniques to help the body release the chronic para-vertebral muscle spasm, freeing up the nerve system to ensure maximum transmission and performance.

The release takes about 10 minutes and is carried out by a licensed professional.

Benefits of regular MSR care includes, decreased pain, improved immune function, better sleep, improved mental focus, relaxation, and an overall sense of well being.

About Dr. Joe Robaina

Joe Robaina LMT is an experienced  Certified Sports/Medical Massage Therapist and developer of Myospinal Release

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