What is the difference between your RCR method and regular foot reflexology?

The RCR method looks beyond the feet and emphasizes reflex points in the entire body to send a clearer message to the nerve system to correct dysfunction and clear congestion from the body.  RCR also uses non-invasive instrumentation which makes for a more effective treatment in a shorter period of time. The RCR method also faciliates better communication in the mind/body complex to allow the body to heal itself.

What Can I Expect In My First Visit? 

Unlike the typical visit to a health care professional where you tell them right away what your chief complaint is, an RCR therpaist will first assess before you inform of the cause for your visit. After the assessment, your therapist will inform you of his findings and together you can compare notes and experience the accuracy of the RCR Reflex Assessment. Your therapist does not want to miss any detail that may be the cause of your complaint.  For example, if you come in complaining of headaches, there is a natural tendency to examine the head and neck. However, the cause may be coming distal from the area you’re experiencing the symptom. Again, your RCR Therapist will take the time to be as thorough as possible. Three assessments will be carried out prior t your treatment: structural, reflex, and craniosacral.

If you are in pain during your initial visit, your Therapist will also provide RCR treatment.  For this reason, your first visit may take between 60-75 minutes.

Are The Treatments Painful? 

Many people who visit us for the first time have been in pain for a long time. People in pain are oftentimes tired and sometimes depressed. Our philosophy is that we do not want you to experience more pain during treatment. While reflex points may initially be a bit tender, the pain soon dissipates during treatment. Everyone experiences a sense of relief, peace, and serenity by the time their treatment has concluded.

What Will I Experience After My First Visit? 

Over 90% of all new members report they were able to sleep better after their first RCR session. One of the pillars of RCR is “if you can’t sleep, you can’t heal”. Immediately after the session, most will feel pain relief and a general sense of well being. Others who have been in chronic pain for long periods may feel euphoric prompting them to jump into physical acitvities they have not participated in years. Others will feel great immediately after the session, and later expereince some of the sysmptoms they came in for, but usually shorter lived.

Your RCR Therapist will provide you with a list of guidelines to follow after your first visit to maximize the healing effects of the treatments.

How Many Sessions Will I Need For My Condition? 

Your RCR Therapist will provide you with a written “Recommended Action Plan” after the first visit which includes recommended frequency of sessions as well as any other lifestyle modifications that may acclerate your healing.

How Long Are The Follow Up Sessions? 

Depends on your body’s ability to correct itself and your current lifestyle. Sessions may vary in duration from 15-60 minutes. Your RCR Therapist will provide more detailed information during your first visit.

Will you diagnose my condition? No. RCR does not diagnose. RCR Therapists perform their assessments and educate members within their scope of practice. On the other hand, RCR therapist are trained to communicate with other health care professionals including medical doctors to coordinate treatment plans. They are also ready and willing to provide detailed feedback to referring physicians if they so request it.

Will you prescribe pills for my condition?

No. RCR Therapists do not prescribe anything. They do educate members on the potential benefits of lifestyle modifications in the areas of exercise, food intake, methods of recuperation, natural herbs, homeopathy, and whole food supplements. It is completely up to the member to implement the strategies.

What are the costs of the sessions?

RCR sessions are $100 and run 50 min- 75 min.  Your initial session can take up to 75 minutes since it includes initial assessments and the treatment.  MSR sessions run$79 for four visits. Your RCR Therapist will discuss reasonable followup care and maintenance after your first session.

I’m not sick or in pain but would like to try a session

Great! Give us a call! An RCR session provides valuable information about your health and can correct potential problems before they manifest. Many of our our members have been seeing us for years as preventive care. Plus, the sessions feel great!

Is Dr. Robaina a medical doctor? 

No. Dr. Robaina is not a medical doctor nor does he portray himself to be one. He is a degreed and board certified Doctor of Naturopathy who practices clinical reflexology and bodywork as a licensed massage therapist (MA37479).

What’s The Earliest  You Can See Me?

Our policy is if you’re in pain, we’d like to see you today. However, Dr. Robaina is often booked up to two weeks in advance.  Once you become a member of our practice, you  will have the opportunity to choose a time slot with a predetermined frequency. Obviously many time slots are already taken, however, we will do our best to work with your schedule.

How Do I Set Up An Appointment?   You may request one online or CALL:  305-501-4544.

This FAQ will be updated periodically with the most common questions. If you have a question not covered here, simply give us a call @ 305-501-4544 or e-mail medicineman@mbfitness.com

Thank you!