Reflexology for Pain Relief

Why Robaina Clinical Reflexology For Pain Relief

robaina clinical reflexology. Pain relief for MiamiRobaina Clinical Reflexology (RCR) is NOT your regular foot reflexology treatment or a relaxing foot massage at a spa. RCR is a therapeutic bodywork modality for pain relief and correcting health imbalances focusing on the nerve system.

It is influenced by well-established therapeutic modalities which make up the totality of my bodywork education and experience.

Components of Pain Relief Reflexology

Aside from being trained in classical reflexology, I was taught to use non-invasive instrumentation for more effective treatments in lesser time. I can accomplish in one session what it would take a hands-only reflexologist 6 sessions or more. That’s efficiency and leverage.
I have had the privilege to learn from and observe clinical symposiums from world class therapists.

  • Neuromuscular Therapy from Paul St. John,
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy from the late Dr. John Upledger.
  • Myofasical Release from John Barnes,
  • P.T. Cranio-Fascial Therapy (Brain Therapy) from Dr. Barry Gillespie.
  • Manual Lymphatic Therapy from Dr. Bruno Chickly,
  • Osteopathic based methods from Dr. Kerry D’ambroggio.

Not to mention my great friends and colleagues, the “Dream Team” who were also my teachers: Karel Curras LMT, Claudio Geleroff, LMT, PTA, Jean Pierre Chacon, OMD, LMT, and David Gonzalez, LMT. I can never repay them for everything they taught me.

Holistic Pain Relief Treatment

From this pedigree came my realization that ALL these systems are connected and overlap significantly.
This is what it means to practice “Holistically” or viewing the human being in its totality including mental and emotional components. When we work on reflex points, we are affecting the nerve system, endocrine, musculoskeletal, lymphatic , fascial, craniosacral, visceral, mental, and emotional.

Hence, these methods were seamlessly and naturally integrated into RCR and applied in clinical practice for over a decade with phenomenal success.

Today, it’s common for massage /bodywork establishments to offer a “menu” of services. If you want Swedish massage it costs “x” amount, if you want deep tissue, lymphatic, reflexology etc. They each have their separate cost. Because RCR is a clinical practice, once we assess and determine the cause of your pain/imbalance, you get whatever you need to heal integrated into your treatment.

As I have explained to hundreds of therapists who have taken my courses over the years: All those modalities have their value. The secret behind the clinical success of Robaina Clinical Reflexology when it comes to pain relief is knowing how to “connect the dots” between systems in sequential order for each patient, to maximize the healing experience and outcomes.

Best Regards,

Doctor Joe Robaina

PS: You don’t have to be in pain and if a non invasive alternative holistic approach to pain relief that actually works is something that you want to find out about than I’d like to invite you to either call our office at 305-501-4544  and I’ll answer all your questions about Reflexology for Pain Relief. Alternatively you can go to the contact page and send us an email message