Who Needs Myospinal Release?

Everyone Needs Myospinal Release

Our experience is that when people discover MSR, they desire care for the entire family.  People often find it desirable to have their entire family checked at least weekly throughout their lifetime.   Dr. Joe Robaina makes this type of care affordable to everyone.  Because of our dedication to delivering the principles and practice of Myospinal Release to everyone, we utilize an Elective Fee System.

Finally! An approach to health and well being according to your needs.  Our commitment is for every member of the community to have the opportunity to receive MSR care.  We provide free lectures on MSR for the community and accept everyone who desires MSR care.

Your health and that of your family’s is so important that we have adopted a fee system that allows EVERYONE to receive regular, affordable MSR care!


Since no two families have the same financial circumstances, this system allows you to elect the option that fits your needs and goals.

Options of Care

  • Per Visit:  Non-Exercise members: $40
  • Exercise Members: $35
  •  Non-Exercise Members:
  • Individual: 1/wk = $79/month
  • Family: 1/wk = $125/month
  •  Exercise Members
  • Individual: 1/wk = $49/month
  • Family: 1/wk =$69/month
  • Exercise/Therapy Members
  • Includes 4 full sessions/month plus MSR anytime = $260/month

Please Observe The Following

If you elect the regular maintenance option, please observe the following so we may continue to offer you this affordable care.

  1.  Be regular with your releases. Be here at least one time per week. Exceptions will be made for vacations, job, and personal situations/emergencies that do not allow you to make it in regularly. If you choose to not come in regularly, you will pay the set MSR fee of $40 for non-exercise members and $35 for exercise members.
  2. Payment is due each visit, week, or once a month. All patients are expected to pay a fee. Let us know how you choose to pay (per visit, weekly, monthly). If you are unable to pay anything due to unemployment or other circumstances please discuss this with us personally. (If you need a receipt for the services, please pay by check. Keep your cancelled check as proof of payment.)
  3. Tell and refer others to learn about Myospinal Release. You are your brother’s keeper. What you know, others need to expereince. Additionally, this is a cooperative system that depends upon a sufficient volume of people to succeed. Thus by telling and referring others to the office, you not only help them express life more fully, you also ensure the continuation of the system for yourself.

Let’s Keep It Going!

We have been told this system is a great contribution to our community. However, the truth is that we are not capable of doing it without your help. We are ultimately dependent upon God to supply our needs and keep us utilizing this system. However, we are also dependent on our practice members to take advantage of this opportunity to come in regularly so they can be as healthy as possible and tell everyone they know about Myospinal Release and the importance of regular care.


Please share our vision of helping to change, not only your life, but also the lives of our community.