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One of the most overlooked aspects affecting your health is the condition of your muscular system.  If you understand that you have over 700 muscles comprising two thirds of your body, doesn’t it make sense that muscle has the potential to significantly affect your health? Muscle has a direct effect on the nerve and circulatory system impacting every organ, gland, and function of the body.

The “silent killer” when it comes to your muscular system is muscle spasm.  When most people think of muscle spasm they think of a muscle cramp.  Something you get in your calf in the middle of the night, or a “stitch in the side” during physical activity. The muscle spasm we address in MSR is much more common and potentially more serious to your health. It is a crucial yet little understood factor in illness and disease.

This type of muscle spasm is called hypertonic spasm.  In a nutshell, excess lactic acid (waste product created by continuous muscular contraction) becomes trapped in a muscle developing an abnormal, sustained contraction.  Unfortunately, although muscle spasm causes pain, most of us are not aware of it. (You do feel it when your MSR practitioner palpates those spastic muscles).

The reason is when a muscle is spastic, the body produces endorphins (pain killers) which block the pain signal from reaching your brain. Sometimes muscle spasm is so bad it can cut off circulation and sensation in nerves.  The area becomes numb and you don’t feel pain.  Whether you feel pain or not, muscle spasm can create other problems. The problems can range from bone, joint, and muscle disorders to allergies and blocked arteries.

IMPORTANT that you understand:  From newborns to the elderly, we ALL have muscle spasm.  Too much or too little physical activity, stress, bumping into furniture, environmental or food allergies, accidents…if you’re alive you have a certain degree of muscle spasm affecting your nerve system. The only way to keep it in check and prevent it from negatively affecting your health is with regular Myospinal  Release care.  Myospinal Release is the only model that specifically addresses muscle spasm along the spine which directly affects the endocrine and nerve systems.

About Dr. Joe Robaina

Joe Robaina LMT is an experienced  Certified Sports/Medical Massage Therapist and developer of Myospinal Release

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