The Difference Between Myospinal & Chiropractic


Myospinal Release vs. Chiropractic

 A question we get all the time is how Myospinal Release differs from Chiropractic being that both models focus on care of the spine and nerve system.   It’s a good question, because there are both similarities and differences.

Philosophical similarities include: 1) Both MSR and chiropractic believe the body has the ability to heal itself given the opportunity.  2) To a great degree, your ability to heal and maintain your health is dependent on the condition of your nerve system.

Both MSR and chiropractic aim for 100% nerve transmission.  3)MSR and chiropractic (specifically straight chiropractic) practice preventive health care rather than focusing on specific disease or illness. The idea is to give the body the best opportunity to function at maximum capacity on all levels.

Evaluation procedures are also different. Most chiropractors today rely on x-rays to diagnose subluxation.

MSR practitioners use 100% manual palpation to evaluate muscle spasm thus eliminating any harmful effects of radiation.

Chiropractors focus on correcting spinal subluxations.  Vertebras moving out of place limiting their range of motion potentially causing nerve interference.

MSR focuses on releasing muscle spasm or hypertonic muscles running from the base of the skull down to the tailbone which cut off circulation and can inhibit both nerve and endocrine function.

Main differences can be found in their manipulation methods.

Chiropractic uses high velocity and linear force maneuvers to “adjust” the vertebras into place producing the typical snap, crackle, and pop. Some chiropractors may also use instrumentation to correct subluxation.

MSR uses non-invasive instrumentation and gentle manual techniques to “release” muscle spasm.

One of the most significant differences in the physical application of both methods, is MSR uses a gentle technique to influence the craniosacral system to “reset” the nerve system.  This is the equivalent of hitting the reset button on your computer.  Benefits include improved immune function, anti-inflammatory effect, and better sleep which improves healing potential.

About Dr. Joe Robaina

Joe Robaina LMT is an experienced  Certified Sports/Medical Massage Therapist and developer of Myospinal Release

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