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Newy Years Resolution Image fitness strategy2015 Fitness Strategy: What’s Missing?

The ONE component missing from my health/performance fitness strategy, the game (life) changer, would be what most practice members are already doing …receiving therapy on a regular basis.

Back in massage therapy school I was forced to give and receive a treatment daily. Even then, I always chose to give first, as I was more interested in enhancing my clinical skills than anything else. The instructors were well aware and every now and then would say “Joe, you’re on the table first today to receive”.

Revelation: Three Fitness Benefits of Massage Therapy

It was the “receiving” portion of my training that allowed me to experience first-hand the life changing benefits of regular therapeutic bodywork. At the time, my personal workouts consisted of 500 pushups done from the most challenging (head-stand push-ups) to the most basic in 20 minutes. I would also do 200 non-stop rowing squats and would back bridge up and down the walls.
I could do these types of workouts because the daily bodywork sessions:

  • Enhanced my circulation, getting rid of the toxic by-products of exercise faster and brought nutrition to the cellular level faster.
  • The resetting of my nerve system improved immunity, made me stronger and more resilient to stress.
  • The reduction of cortisol (stress hormone) enhanced made my sugar metabolism which meant more energy and less belly fat.

These three factors meant I could train harder, recover quicker, and perform better. It’s the reason elite athletes get regular bodywork care. Without it, their bodies would break down from the workouts.

Massage Therapy Benefits Every Body!

What if you’re not an athlete? You should at least be exercising for health/performance purposes.
If not, at least know this health truism I learned early in Naturopathic school: Any time you improve circulation, you enhance health.
This one from exercise physiology school: The benefits of your workout are directly related to your ability to recover from them.
This last one from massage therapy school: The gentle resetting of your nerve system enhances your nerve and hormonal systems which in turn control every function in the body.

Wow! Now you know why I’ve made it my 2015 goal: I need to receive regular therapeutic bodywork!
The difficult part for me is the “HOW”. With my patient load, I have to get it done first thing in the morning after exercise. I only need a 10 minute Myospinal Release (MSR) (link) to reset my nerve system and I’m unstoppable.

Of course, it helps my wife is also and LMT and can do this for me 😉

Don’t just take my word for it, let me show you exactly how regular therapeutic body work will help you with your fitness goals. Call the office at 305-501-4544 or send  a message to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Joe Robaina

PS: If you don’t currently have a fitness routine and are interested in losing weight in a way that is healthy, safe and guaranteed to work, then I invite you to take a look at some of our fitness options at Robina Fitness.  Or again you can just give us a call, or we can chat about it during your session.


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Joe Robaina LMT is an experienced  Certified Sports/Medical Massage Therapist and developer of Myospinal Release

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