Try This Fitness Strategy


2015 Fitness Strategy: What’s Missing? The ONE component missing from my health/performance fitness strategy, the game (life) changer, would be what most practice members are already doing …receiving therapy on a regular basis. Back in massage therapy school I was forced to give and receive a treatment daily. Even then, I always chose to give […]

We Know Soccer


We Know Sports Massage for Soccer! We understand Soccer rehab and performance because we’re not only Licensed Therapists certified in Sports Massage, we love and play competitive soccer too! SPORTS MASSAGE FOR SOCCER Sports Massage for Soccer is a specific therapy focused on the areas most used and injured by soccer players.  Sports Massage  flushes […]

How To Fix Our Current Health Care System


How you ask? I’ll tell you…Don’t participate in it. And how do we do this? Simple.  Fix Your Own Health and follow your own Health Care Maintenance Model. 3 Steps For Your Corrective Health Care Model: 1. Eat proteins, vegetables, fruits, anti-inflammatory fats (walnuts, almonds etc) 4-  5 times/day. Limit sugar and starch intake. 2. Engage in high intensity […]