How To Fix Our Current Health Care System


How you ask?

I’ll tell you…Don’t participate in it.

And how do we do this?

Simple.  Fix Your Own Health and follow your own Health Care Maintenance Model.

3 Steps For Your Corrective Health Care Model:

1. Eat proteins, vegetables, fruits, anti-inflammatory fats (walnuts, almonds etc) 4-  5 times/day. Limit sugar and starch intake.

2. Engage in high intensity resistance training, 2X /week, with 2-3 days rest between sessions.

3. Reset your nerve system regularly with therapeutic bodywork.

If everyone made the DECISION to commit to these health habits regularly, it would virtually wipe out obesity, type 2 diabetes and probably many cancers. It would heal digestive disorders and a host of autoimmune diseases.

It would make seniors stronger, lessening falls and hip fractures, mental deterioration and greatly improve the quality of their lives.

Mothers (future moms too) would improve fertility, the quality of breast milk and decrease infant mortality.

Children would improve focus and concentration, lessen A.D.D, wipe  out obesity and adolescent Type 2 diabetes.

Men…  your hair may grow back 😉

Choosing to consistently engage in these three behaviors would save our nation a cool couple trillion and we’d all be a lot more productive and I dare say…happy & peaceful.

And it would take less than a year to see the benefits of your new health care approach .

Thank you America, just make the check payable to Joe Robaina.

About Dr. Joe Robaina

Joe Robaina LMT is an experienced  Certified Sports/Medical Massage Therapist and developer of Myospinal Release

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